Long 6hr session yesterday and the sound quality was phenomenal. I was gobsmacked. The JAVA just lets the music pass through unhindered and I swear I could smell that NZ air in the room. Breathtaking. Many thanks again for a stunning product and yes, it was worth the wait.
— Barry, U.K.
Best case, I was hoping for a transparent switch that ‘got out of the way’ of the music and allowed me to choose between three sources. Worst case, I would have returned the unit for a refund. What was totally unexpected is that the Single Shot actually improves my high performance system, the result of over 50 years of audio thought and experimentation. In my system, the Single Shot has been transformational, not just one step but two steps forward. Congratulations to you and the team for surprising me!
— Jonathan, U.S.A.
Just set up the Java. Have been listening to Yello, The Eye, one of my test CD’s......so far....wow ...sounds great. The best I have had this system sounding. Very big sound stage, very layered, very involving and VERY addictive and revealing.
— Tony, New Zealand
The “Java shot” pushes my system to be “une force tranquille”. The music flows effortlessly, with energy when necessary and very sweet timbres, even at high volume (the cat now keeps sleeping!). Instruments sound natural and believable - we are far from Hi-Fi......
— Patrick, France
For a start the unit looks superb. Obviously the visual aesthetics are part of what attracted me to the Java in the first place, and in particular to the combination of the shape and the materials. But the finished wood is sooo much better than the pre-production prototype. The wood-worker has created a work of art. I was enthusiastically tried to show it to a friend of mine in Wellington this morning over FaceTime. But the way the light plays over the gradient of the wood has to be experienced in person. Its gorgeous. And my music now displays nuances that I hadn’t experienced before. Reminds me of a version of Proust’s saying; “the real voyage of discovery consists not in hearing new sounds, but in listening with new ears. I love my new Java ears. Thanks Martin & team. The wait was worth it.
— Mitch, New Zealand
I have had the Java Triple Shot in my system for a month now. I would consider my system as high-end and with the Java it has lifted my sound even more. I encourage anyone to give it a shot.
— Brett, New Zealand