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Martin Bell

Founder | CEO

Martin is a long-time music geek and serial entrepreneur and, as such, JAVA Hi-Fi is the perfect embodiment of his two great passions. Martin's interest in all things audio began in the mid 1980’s with a chance visit to a local hi-fi emporium. After dropping the needle onto the record, his head locked into the sweet spot between the speakers and the rest, as they say, is history. Martin's first LP purchase was 'The Best of Bowie' on K-Tel and he once beat the reigning NZ Mastermind Champion (specialist subject, David Bowie) in an impromptu Bowie quiz.


Shane Inder

Co-founder | Product Design

Shane's background includes training as an engineer before studying design and taking up industrial design lecturing positions at Unitec NZ, Massey University and then AUT, where Shane was Department Head of Industrial Design and Innovation within New Zealand's top-ranked School of Art and Design. Over the past 15 years Shane has run a thriving design consultancy working with innovative clients such as Yellow Pages, Intel Asia Pacific and Furnware, and on diverse projects ranging from the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery to JAVA Hi-Fi.


Martin Young

Co-founder | Product Engineer

Martin has more than 40 years of experience in designing electronic circuits, his interest beginning at age 12, when he built his first electronic project from scratch. A dab hand with a soldering iron, Martin has a particular expertise in designing and building analog circuits and programming micro controllers. Nowadays Martin looks after the electronics engineering and software development for JAVA Hi-Fi, designing electronic circuits from proof of concept though to prototype and final production.



 The JAVA LDR pre-amplifier was launched in June 2016 via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.  When the campaign closed on 17 July, the JAVA LDR pre-amplifier had exceeded its funding goal by 120% raising nearly $50,000 to become the 5th most successful technology Kickstarter campaign ever from New Zealand. 

The team at JAVA Hi-Fi would like to acknowledge the 46 individuals who showed their early support for JAVA Hi-Fi by backing our Kickstarter campaign. You were the first to show you had faith in a little startup with big dreams and a passion to take Kiwi innovation to the world. Thank you for your support . As well as our undying love and gratitude, your names are now immortalised for ever more as a 'JAVA ORIGINAL'.


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