SOLD OUT! Now taking pre-orders for the JAVA V2.0 LDR pre-amp, shipping July 2019

Give your Hi-Fi a shot of JAVA


Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the JAVA is a revolutionary new passive pre-amp that is winning the hearts and minds of audiophiles worldwide - and bringing music lovers closer to the music they love.



Delivers simply exceptional sound

Activated by light, the JAVA utilises LDR (light dependent resistor) technology to deliver simply exceptional sound quality. The JAVA's unique circuit design works by varying current to alter the intensity of an internal LED, which in turn varies resistance to adjust the volume level. This creates the purest possible path for the delicate audio signal – nothing is added to the signal and nothing is subtracted.

As a result, the JAVA sounds utterly transparent, revealing subtle new details in familiar pieces of music. Voices and instruments are presented with startling realism, displaying the rich, complex tonality of a fine valve amp. At the same time, the JAVA delivers deep, controlled bass and visceral, wide-band dynamics that rival the very best solid state designs.

JAVA Double Shot Espresso


How do you like your JAVA?

The JAVA comes in three strengths to suit the differing needs of the discerning audiophile.



With three pairs of unbalanced (RCA) inputs and a single pair of unbalanced outputs, the JAVA Single Shot gives it to you straight. It's for music lovers who just want great sound at a fair price, without any added features or extras on the side.



The JAVA Double Shot is like the Single Shot on steroids. It adds two further pairs of inputs and another pair of outputs, together with a high-quality headphone stage and the added convenience of remote volume control.



The JAVA Triple Shot features two pairs of balanced inputs and three pairs of unbalanced inputs, as well as single pairs of balanced and unbalanced outputs. Also included is the high-quality headphone stage and remote volume control found on the Double Shot.


Three Different Colours

Customers can choose their JAVA front panel in one of three high-gloss colors to match their home decor: ‘Espresso’, a dark and brooding brew in black, ‘Ristretto’, a bold statement in red, or the milky white goodness of the ‘Latte’.


Also available is the Founders Edition ‘Macchiato’, featuring an engraved and numbered solid copper fascia.
Limited to 10 units worldwide.

Please email for more information on the Founders Edition 'Macchiato'.


Three Different Finishes

The premium birch ply casework of the JAVA is available in three different options: ‘Natural Birch’, ‘Dark Walnut’, or ‘Graphite’. Customers can also specify either a high gloss or matt finish.

With three models to choose from, three fascia colours and three different casework options (plus the choice of a high-gloss or matt finish), the possibilities for creating your own unique JAVA are almost endless!